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What is reciprocated I Am Searching Adult Dating

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What is reciprocated

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Kennedy, On Bullfighting, When he entered the room … Agnes was what of a latent feeling which secretly reciprocated Henry's unconcealed pleasure on meeting her again. Random Word reciprocate You reciprocate when you return a favor, return a compliment, or respond "the same to you" to the angry guy in the car you just passed. Visit the Thesaurus for More Choose the Right Synonym for reciprocate reciprocateretaliaterequitereturn mean to give back usually in kind or in quantity.

This one comes from the Latin verb reciprocare, meaning to move back and forth. If you fail to pay the rent, your landlord might reciprocate by evicting you. Its root makes it sound as if reciprocate implies only a physical action, but it's also used for the less tangible.

Send us feedback. See More First Known Use of reciprocatein the meaning defined at intransitive sense History and Etymology for reciprocate.

Winkle a poke in the chest, which that gentleman reciprocated; after which they both laughed very loudly … — Charles Dickens, The Pickwick Papers, They what her kindness but were not ready to reciprocate the gesture. If your crush acts like he doesn't know you exist when you pass him in the halls, it's probably safe to say he does not reciprocate your amorous feelings. In short, you react to an action, statement, or emotion by mirroring it. They reciprocate the same border rights as married couples.