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M.2 NVMe SSD for business: Seagate IronWolf 510

Seagate NAS systems launched the super fast NVMe SSD model for creative professionals and companies. In addition to the award-winning IronWolf SSD product line, Seagate Technology has launched high-performance solutions for multi-user NAS (Network Attached Storage) environments. Seagate's IronWolf 510 SSD can achieve sequential read speeds in excess of 3 …

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Slack offers ease of use with its new design

Slack Yeni Tasarımı

With the new design, we come across a much more useful Slack application. lazy great for application design change announced. application simpler, more organized and easy to use With the change that makes users want to provide a better experience. First of all, a new one navigation bar It's coming. …

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Rail Tracing Support for Vulcan API

With the new Vulkan Ray Tracing API published as open source, more games and applications will support ray tracing. All GPU giants fully support this project. Khronos Group has released the latest ray tracing extensions for the Vulkan API based on the NVIDIA RTX standard. Enabling ray tracing support for …

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Intel Lakefield i5-L15G7 Might Snapdragon Rival

The Core i5-L15G7, produced with Intel Foveros and Lakefield technology, first appeared in tests. Intel & # 39; s The first upcoming Lakefield processor Core i5-L16G7Was caught on a Samsung brand device. partnership Lakefield Foveros technology attaches great importance and makes investments. The industry analysis company Linley Group even chose …

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All known about PlayStation 5

We describe all the information available on the new generation PlayStation 5 gaming console. Microsoft has made Xbox Series X announcements, and almost everything is clear about this console. Although Sony made an announcement for PlayStation 5, players still have some question marks in mind. PS system leader Mark Cerny …

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TSMC 5 Nanometer production and AMD's future

A newly published report revealed details of 5 nanometer production and the transistor density of TSMC. We haven't known Intel's continued CPU leadership for years. However, AMD started a new adventure with the new Zen architecture. The red team, which has achieved significant success, continued with the Zen 2 architecture …

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