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Okcupid cant see sent messages I Looking People To Fuck

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Okcupid cant see sent messages

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Messages never get seen. Margaree George April 5, This app used to be nice to use but now is a waste of time.

Getting your message actually seen. No more wasted time or frustration. They also will not see your profile again on the site, and you won't see them, so it won't be awkward.

Why did an intro/conversation disappear? - okcupid help

To look farther into pricing, check out our blog here. Everything about this app is deed to lure you in to paying for a premium subscription. John witaker March 31, Recent updates are garbage, show me people who messaged me instead of making me root for it, this is ridiculous. Hidden Features As with most dating apps, OkCupid is no different in hiding features to the users.


If someone liked you then you have to pay view them. So I'm assuming they hide them so you don't rewrite? Its also clear men are the seng culprit of sending these and although a 2nd inbox similar to Facebook? If you think about it also, OKCupid is slowly pushing people towards the ways it prefers to connect with people.

Once you've liked someone, you'll see a "message" button on their profile.

How to send an introductory message to someone

There was a problem submitting your feedback. Please try again later.

Anywhere between swipes are allowed to new users, before they are presented with a purchase screen. You can just pass on the profile and move on. It was easy before, we get everything in our inbox.

Why would okcupid messages disappear? – dating app world

The Other Person May Be In A Moderation Hold Similar to deleting thea user may disable or put their into moderation hold if they want to take a break from the service. It sounds like a reasonable change, but I do wonder how much further they will go with this? Hardly any matches since the transition. And maybe you even feel a bit rejected, being reminded that they haven't written back to you yet.

For privacy reasons, we generally can't clarify which of the options it was.

Why okcupid hides someone after you send an introductory message to them - okcupid help

However, on OkCupid unlike other sites you have the opportunity to send an introduction to someone before they've liked you. I personally believe that every single dating mobile app should have this feature. You see, from member feedback we found that our messaging system needed some help: members were getting too many unwanted messages, which was distracting them from the messages they actually wanted to respond to.

You May Have Blocked The Other Person If you have blocked the other user, their messages will not show up and you will not be able to access their messages. If they have a match, they will be allowed to talk to them. That was a fun figured out a little more flirt to the app.

Okcupid removes “inbox” folder for checking messages, no sent folder either

Wait for their response Once you've messaged someone, your intro will go to their Intros tab. If you're not seeing a particular intro you were notified about, or a conversation in either Active or Older Conversations, one of the following might be the case: You may see blocked the message person The other person may have blocked you The cant person may have deleted their The okcupid person may be in a lkcupid hold The other person may have been banned For privacy reasons, we cannot tell you which of these will messagds the case.

We caution you to be careful if you do decide to block someone, as these messages are gone forever. Even privacy settings are free. And you can check out who has liked — we call it favorited — your profile for free. Ocupid there, tap Privacy, then Blocked and Unmatched. We have an Inbox on Friends Match Me.

Why okcupid hides someone after you send an introductory message to them

Thanks for the feedback! On the desktop website, you can reach it directly here. This transparency is what helps OkCupid match users with other users. It would make everything so much easier and i understand that theres alot of creepers and spammers but we should be able to just block them rather than the app automatically hiding the messages and having to pay to see who likes you.

If they like you, they'll let you know by liking you back or replying to your message. I've gone back to working on meeting people in the real world. And lots more of the same.

okckpid Users are also able to boost their profile in order to be put in front of new and existing users, ultimately boosting their profile for more exposure. Users are able to message another user, or send an intro to a user to show their interest. If you Like the profile, then Colton women sex introduction will move to your conversations.

Why did an intro/conversation disappear?

Below are some Similarities compared to other dating apps. How to send an introductory message to someone We think it's best when conversations are between people who are interested in each other. The user is immediately met with a purchase screen, where the user can purchase unlimited use for 6,3 and 1 month.

Finding a match. My profiles not great but my messages would be good so what went from a good deal of talking to mesasges because of my messages became zero because there lost in this update.