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Broadcast Incentive for Epic Games Producers

Epic Games wants to support the producers by launching a new era on the game publishing platform. As part of the Epic Games Publishing project, profit sharing with producers will be fairer and more new games will be developed. The development of Epic Games' game and game engine (Unreal Engine) …

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Windows 10 Pro for Workstation Left Linux

Linux distributions were compared to Windows 10 Pro for Workstation installed on an Intel laptop, and the winner was Windows after 94 tests. We are used to Linux distributions outperforming Windows on all hardware, from affordable laptops to HEDT and server processors. Many tests have been performed on the Intel …

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GPU source code from Xbox Series X stolen

Xbox Series X'in GPU Kaynak Kodları Çalındı

The hacker, who claims to have received information from a vulnerable computer, captured AMD's older and next-generation GPU source code. AMD is a hacker Xbox Series X It confirmed that the source files have been stolen for some current and future GPUs, including details on. These files supposedly contain the …

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Will artificial intelligence bring the end of humanity?

In this series of articles, I will tell you whether artificial intelligence technologies that have entered our lives threaten humanity and the information, scientific data and articles related to the development of these technologies. If you want to see the sources before going to the article series, you can look …

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Intel Xe internal GPU can leave AMD Vega 7nm internal GPU

The expected integrated mobile graphics processors from Intel and AMD have passed the 3DMark test. Intel is working hard on both external and integrated graphics architectures to make a new start in the graphics card market. All known things about Intel Xe architecture and graphics cards we wrote. The blue …

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