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TBV and SAS reach students via digital media

Turkey, which aims to reach those in need of qualified personnel in the fields of data science TBV and SAS Digital Technology Developers reaches classes taught to students in the remote maintenance project of digital media.

SAS, Turkey Informatics Foundation (TBV) conducted in collaboration with Digital Technology Developers universities involved in the project, provided by SAS and secondary education with remote access to online content. Turkey Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence Trained Expertise Staff with a Vision to Project Digital Technology Developers' Gap, Future for Faster Adaptation to the Purpose of the Digital World Continues Many Universities of Turkey to Plan Training Programs & # 39 s close. In the recent period when educational institutions had to switch to the distance learning program, the project continued online without interrupting the program; New term training courses continue at ITU, Hasan Kalyoncu and Özyeğin universities.

Turkey's trained to ensure the digitization process manpower awareness plays an important role in closing the gap and already many students to achieve the managed project training and at the same time as a two-semester comprehensive course, successful students are given free admission to the relevant SAS certification exams. Students who pass the exams have Base Programmer, Statistical Business Analyst and Machine Learning SAS certificates. The Insurance Information and Surveillance Center, which supports the project as a technical sponsor, is preparing to combine the Digital Technology Developers Project with the DAHI program to discover next-generation digital capabilities. By including students who have completed their training in internships and MT programs, they offer university students the opportunity to collaborate with industry professionals, allowing them to experience their academic knowledge in practice.

SAS started the Introduction to Data Science courses, which was planned as a three-certificate program at Hasan Kalyoncu University and opened from the fall semester of 2019 in the Computer Engineering Department at the Faculty of Engineering. Since the last week of March, the training program, which adapts to the changing agenda, has been continued digitally. 30 students attended the courses of academic Mustafa Bıçakcı. Another program that will contribute to the project with topics on strategies and concepts for data scientists and business analysts was opened in the spring semester of 2020 at Özyeğin University Faculty of Engineering, Department of Industrial Engineering. The Digital Technology Developers project, which reaches 40 students attending online at Özyeğin University starting from the week of March 23, offers training courses that make young people more advantageous in technological competition.

The training program, which opened in the Informatics Applications Department of Istanbul University of Technology, Informatics Institute, started in the spring semester of 2020 with 20 students and is currently continuing digitally. The program entitled Basics of Data Analysis is taught by ITU academic Fahrettin Ay.

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