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MSI MAG Forge 100R ARGB Case Review

The word "Forge", which means to iron iron, is the main theme of MSI & # 39; s new budget-oriented middle tower vault. RGB or addressable RGB fans can come under an anvil-like cover depending on the model

In the MSI MAG Forge 100R model, the fan configuration varies depending on the selected sub model. So pay close attention to which model you have bought. The 100R model has 2 addressable RGB fans on the front and an extractor fan without lighting on the back. The only difference in the 100M model is that the front fans are not addressable. Finally, in the 101M model, the number of front RGB fans increases to 3 and they are not addressable. The case where you can install Mini ITX, Micro ATX and ATX motherboards is quite compact. For this reason, it appeals to those who want to collect a small, space-saving and affordable system.

Case side and tempered glass

The tempered glass cover next to the housing is an important detail for those looking to display their system. Tempered glass offers a more pleasant appearance than plexiglass frames. The glass's natural resistance to scratching makes the exterior of the system smoother. We see that the glass that MSI prefers to use is slightly darkened. This glass is attached to the cabinet with 4 screws. If you don't over tighten these screws, you can open them with your fingers. There is rubber on the tips of the screws that touch the glass so that they do not scratch the glass. A thin foam is applied as a buffer at the points where the glass touches the cabinet.

Another design detail that caught our attention was that the glass covered not only the entire side of the cabinet, but about 80%. The food is not kept under the concealing glass. Since it would be pointless to use glass in an area where something is not visible anyway, it is a smart design that reduces costs. We cannot remove the circuit breaker here.

Radiator Compatibility

We can see that there is 240mm radiator compatibility on the front and top of the case and 120mm on the back. This means that in this case, you can simultaneously use high-quality ready-to-use liquid cooling solutions and ready-to-use liquid-cooled graphics cards. If you have plans to start using special liquid cooling in the future, you may not get much efficiency from this case. If you have such a thought, consider going to a model with a 360mm radiator.

Fan compatibility

If we look at the fan slots on the front and top of the case, we see that they are designed for fans of 12 and 14 centimeters. Since the screw holes of the fan are designed lengthwise, you can position the fan as desired. Tilting these holes to the left also doesn't conflict with the memory modules when you install the radiator of your ready-to-use liquid cooling system on the case. The exhaust fan also has the same hole design and fans of up to 12 centimeters can be mounted here.

In the 100R model we examined, 2 ARGB addressable RGB fans for the enclosure can be operated even if they are limited with the fan control knob on the enclosure. These fans are also compatible with MSI Mystic Light software. All fans have 4 pins and PWM support.

Dust filters

The absence of a finely perforated dust filter for the housing, so where it is most needed, can be seen as a minus. However, it is possible to consider the front cover with its frequently perforated metal grid as a kind of dust filter. As long as the fans are running, a significant amount of dust will accumulate here. However, since it is not designed as a filter, it is slightly more difficult to remove and wash the front cover.

The front is sufficient and suitable for the fans to breathe. In other words, due to the lack of air circulation, we can say that it is a safe that does not cause cooling problems. There is a magnetic dust filter on the housing and there is a light pit for this filter to sit directly on the fan housings.

Another dust filter is the fan filter under the housing. The design of this filter makes it more difficult to remove, wash and replace than the slide filters.

Case entry and exit slots

There are 2 USB 3.0 ports on the front of the case, but no 3.1 gen 2 or Type-C ports. There are power and reset buttons, power and disk control lights, separate headphone and microphone inputs. As more and more headphone manufacturers use a combo connection, we would like MSI to switch to that. Fortunately, manufacturers are adding a parser to the box, because we are still in the transition phase.

There are 7 PCI-Express expansion slots on the back of the case and the power slot on the bottom. In this case, the power supply is hidden by a concealer whose top surface has grid openings. The lack of foam feet, which are successful in preventing scratches and vibrations in the power slot, also caught our attention. Your power supply is directly connected to the metal of the case, so you should take care not to scratch it.

storage area

When we remove the back of the case by removing the 2 screws, we see a disk cage that can hold 1 2.5-inch SSD slot and 2 3.5-inch hard drives. This cage has a sliding mechanism. Even the place where SATA and POWER cables should go is on the plastic parts where you need to place the drive. This cage is attached to the frame with 4 star screws. If you're not using a hard drive, you can easily remove these screws from the bottom of the case and remove the cage. This is a factor that positively influences the air circulation in the safe.

In-box volume

The inner volume of this case is more than sufficient for an average system. We see 499 mm height, 421 mm depth and 210 mm width. It can handle CPU coolers up to 160mm, graphics cards up to 330mm and power supplies up to 200mm when the hard drive cage is removed.

There is an opening of 65 mm for radiator and fan for the housing. If you take the fan out of the case, it can be 90mm. The cabinet has a 70 mm radiator and fan space.

Cable management

There is a 17mm space at the back for cable management. This gap is sufficient as long as the motherboard, processor and graphics power cables do not overlap. It may of course be necessary to make some nice arrangements with cable ties. Fortunately, there are many points on the back of the motherboard plate for attaching a cable tie. In addition, MSI supplies a dozen cable ties with the case.

Many holes have been drilled around the motherboard to pass many large and small cables, such as the processor power cable and the audio cable. The absence of rubber cable ports in the cable holes can be considered a minor flaw. Because these rubber channels manage to hide ugliness and chaos in cables.

RGB controller

Depending on the model you choose, an RGB or addressable RGB controller is also attached to the back of the motherboard. This controller supports up to 6 fans and is also connected to the LED button on the front of the housing. This way, if you don't use MSI motherboards, you can control the lighting of your fans from here. The controller requires 1 Sata power cable for power.

To synchronize the lighting with other MSI components and control the fans with the MSI application, you must connect the 3-pin digital RGB cable from this controller to the jRainbow-labeled slot on the MSI motherboard. The standard connector at the end of this cable is not exclusive to MSI and is widely used in addressable RGB products on the market. For this reason, we think it may be compatible with other brands of motherboards.

Evaluation of results

MSI's Forge MAG 100R mid tower chassis, which costs around 500 TL, has the capacity for many systems, including entry, mid and high levels. If you don't plan on installing a large number of hard drives, using a giant processor cooler or installing special liquid cooling, we recommend Technopat as this stylish case that offers affordable addressable RGB fans.

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