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Qualcomm Google Güncellenebilir GPU Sürücüleri

Works for Qualcomm and Google Updatable GPU drivers

Qualcomm and Google will be able to provide more performance and efficiency with GPU drivers to update.

Qualcomm chipset last year GPU drivers straight away Google Play Store announced that they were updating it. Updated GPU driver It is noted that performance and efficiency can be increased by. In addition, this update method for Qualcomm and other device manufacturers would be quick and easy on compatible smartphones.

A new announcement is Qualcomm and Google in co-operation Android GPU Inspector It is said that a tool called game studios will help improve and optimize their games. Graphical profiling tool Qualcomm Adreno GPUIt is also emphasized that it supports GPUs on Android devices, including URLs. In this way, game developers can analyze the performance of their games at the level of detail not previously reached and adjust the performance accordingly. In addition, optimization feedback will be available for Google and Qualcomm. Qualcomm creates developer beta drivers based on feedback. When the drivers are approved, the two companies Play Store will be updated.

Qualcomm is Google & # 39; s Android GPU Inspector and Pixel 4XL GPU usage when working with a gaming partner via their smartphone 40 percentShe shares what she can reduce to ". This allowed for higher frame rates and longer battery life while playing the game.

Google and Qualcomm; Pixel 4 series, Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 in front of update GPU drivers It heralds the future of more device support while working closely together.

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