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Samsung MUA01 MUB01

Samsung has developed a new power management chip for wireless TWS devices

Samsung is making significant progress for True Wireless Stereo (TWS) devices with MUA01 and MUB01.

Samsung for the first time in the world True wireless stereo (TWS) devices specially designed for MUA01 and MUB01 called all-in-one integrated circuit power management (PMIC) It has been announced. MUA01 and MUB01 are developed for the charging box and headphones and consist of the integration of 10 different components.

Circuits, which require less than half the space compared to the previous generation, allow for creativity and larger batteries for longer operating times. The MUA01 chip is also the industry's first solution that supports both wired and wireless charging in one chip. As MUB01 wireless Power Consortium (WPC), The latest wireless power transfer interface Qi 1.2.4 gives support for. In addition, a highly effective switch charger is integrated for efficient energy management. The MUA01 has a microcontroller unit and a built-in flash. These provide the flexibility to change the firmware to support multiple applications. Power line communication (PLC) With the support, new PMICs can also communicate with each other via the charging pins. So it is possible to share important information, such as the battery levels of the charging box and headphones, and whether the headphones are connected to the box.

Mass production has started, MUA01 and MUB01, recently announced Samsung Galaxy Buds + TWS He found a spot in the headphones. This product 22 hours on a single charge Let's underline that you can play music.

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