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Intel Lakefield i5-L15G7 Might Snapdragon Rival

The Core i5-L15G7, produced with Intel Foveros and Lakefield technology, first appeared in tests.

Intel & # 39; s The first upcoming Lakefield processor Core i5-L16G7Was caught on a Samsung brand device. partnership Lakefield Foveros technology attaches great importance and makes investments. The industry analysis company Linley Group even chose Intel & # 39; s 3D Foveros technology as the & # 39; best technology & # 39; 2019. Intel is building Foveros and Lakefield processors, a technology that allows several chips to be positioned one behind the other and in 3D shapes.

Thanks to information from Twitter user InstLatX64, we have GeekBench 5 results from the new Lakefield chip. The CPU in question is a 5-core processor without support for HyperThreading Core i5-L15G7 model. Built on a production process of 10 nm in this CPU a great Sunny Cove core and four small ones Tremont it is the core. The chip targets the TDP value in the range of 5-7W as a whole. Let's say Lakefield chips are 12x12x1 millimeters in size and relatively small.

Based on the GeekBench 5 result, the Core i5-L15G7 is a processor with a base frequency of 1.4 GHz and reached 2.95 GHz in the test. These are probably the values ​​that the large Sunny Cove core can achieve. Because Tremont kernels will run much slower. The cache configuration is said to contain 1.5 MB L2 and 4 MB L3 cache.

Snapdragon 835, powered by Asus NovaGo TP370QL, is powered by eight Kryo 280 cores divided into two groups, 2.6 GHz and 1.9 GHz. The device scores 355 points in the single-core test and 1,533 points in the multi-core test.

Core i5-L15G7 scores 725 points in single-core tests and 1566 points in multi-core results. The Lakefield chip offers single core performance up to 104.2% higher than Snapdragon 835. When we achieve multicore results, only 2.2% difference emerges.

Considering Lakefield has Intel's first-generation Foveros chips, performance doesn't look too bad. Leaked Core i5-L15G7 has not yet been released and is a silicone in development. Intel may make changes to this. In addition, the Geekbench 5 is not exactly a benchmarking tool and can be criticized from time to time. We will see the new Lakefield architecture chips on many mobile devices in the future.

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