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HP makes next-generation VR glasses with valve and Microsoft

Developed in collaboration with Microsoft and Valve, Reverb G2 will take the virtual reality platform a step further.

HP & # 39; s new virtual reality glasses Reverb G2It is defined by HP as a "new standard in VR" and is said to provide a more immersive, comfortable and harmonious experience than the previous generation.

HP's new Virtual Reality Glasses are a continuation of Reverb, designed for Windows' Mixed Reality platform. The current generation Reverb is known for its high resolution display of 2160 × 2160 per eye, as well as the 114 ° field of view. In other words, it is way ahead of Valve Index, which offers values ​​like 1440 × 1600.

The contribution of Microsoft and Valve to the project has not yet been clarified. However, looking at the original Reverb, the G2 version can take over the basic design principle of Windows Mixed Reality. For new glasses a web page and Steam page also open.

The virtual reality platform got a lot of attention with the release of Valve & # 39; s first feature VR game and Half-Life: Alyx, the first return to the Half-Life universe in over a decade. Users who have sufficient budget for this platform have increased the interest of VR glasses and the corona virus increases the effect.

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