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ESET Internet Security free for 3 months

ESET has opened the Internet security software for 3 months free of charge for those who have closed their homes because of the corona virus.

community house closings in Turkey, home Internet use has increased tremendously. Likewise, cybercriminals' efforts to turn this intensive use into their own benefits and benefit of coronavirus anxiety have also increased. They try to access sensitive data on computers, tablets and phones using different methods of phishing and malware transmission. ESET Turkey along with confidence to overcome difficult times in the coronavirus days for three months offered to all users in Turkey use the free internet security software.

ESET Internet Security, one of the most comprehensive software from ESET, can be downloaded from the dedicated ESET web page. Three months of free use is valid for ESET Internet Security licenses downloaded until April 30, 2020.

Turkey ESET CEO Alain Soria, "We are aware of our responsibilities as Turkey's largest cybersecurity provider and we stand by all internet users. Our internet security software, using the initiative, we are turning to using peaceful and safe Internet experience for Turkey While we all work at home or spend time with our digital devices, the last thing we want is malware infection on our computers and other devices, it's up to you not to put the pirates in your house. & # 39;

Students, teachers, doctors, medical staff, retirees, lawyers, the self-employed, anyone; Whether working, learning, teaching, Windows or Mac OS, Linux or Android, ESET Internet Security can be used on any computer, tablet or phone. More than 1 billion malicious software is circulating in the digital world that focuses on our personal and financial information, photos and personal lives. With dozens of layers and Augur machine learning technology such as ESET Internet Security, Banking and Payment Protection, UEFI Scanner, Webcam Protection, Network Attack Protection, Anti-Abuse, Behavioral Review; protects the digital devices of home and small office users against all known and even unknown cyber attacks.

ESET Internet Security free download link

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