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All known about PlayStation 5

We describe all the information available on the new generation PlayStation 5 gaming console.

Microsoft has made Xbox Series X announcements, and almost everything is clear about this console. Although Sony made an announcement for PlayStation 5, players still have some question marks in mind. PS system leader Mark Cerny says there will be plenty of time to show PS5 and the games to be released later. If the Game Developers Conference (GDC) hadn't been postponed, we would have known more. Now let's take a closer look at the details of PlayStation 5.

Technical properties

PS5, starting with the technical specifications, CPU with 8 Zen 2 cores up to 3.5 GHz, 36 processing units reaching 2.23 GHz, special rDNA 2 GPU architecture, a GPU with 10.28 TFLOP capacity, 16 GB GDDR6 RAM, 448 GB / s memory It contains bandwidth and a special SSD of 825 GB. It also has a 4K UHD Blu-ray drive and an NVMe SSD slot for expandable storage.

The variable frequencies on PlayStation 5 seem to play an important role in the console's performance. As Eurogamer explains, unlike a cell phone or computer component, the PS5's cooling solution has an energy budget based on its thermal limits. "This is a completely different paradigm," explains Cerny. "Instead of operating on a fixed frequency and having the power change depending on the workload, we mainly work with constant power and let the frequency change based on the workload."

The console has a monitor that analyzes both the CPU and GPU workload and adjusts the frequencies accordingly.

“Instead of looking at the actual temperature of the silicon, we look at the activities of the GPU and CPU and adjust the frequencies accordingly. This makes everything decisive and repeatable. We also use AMD & # 39; s SmartShift technology and transfer unused power from the CPU to the GPU. ”

Cerny says that the raw measure of teraflops is "only part of the GPU" and that there are many other variables. There are a few other features that Cerny never mentioned in his comments. PS5 is similar to the Xbox Series X as the GPU architecture. He says the console has followed the same strategy as AMD's upcoming PC GPUs. So we are confident that hardware accelerated beam tracing will have support with Intersection Engine.


The most highlighted issue for the PlayStation 5 announcement was the storage unit and the focus of the announcement. Cerny says adding the SSD is the main question from developers and therefore a high priority for Sony. With the new SSD, 2 GB of data can be uploaded within a second. This 825 GB storage requires a lot of special hardware. Sony says they do their best to match the drive with all other hardware available on the PS5.

The console uses PCIe 4.0 with a special controller designed by Sony and offers speeds of up to 5.5 GB / s. So it seems that the loading times in the games are being significantly shortened.

Sony has not yet confirmed the size of the M.2 SSD that will be compatible with its console. The console may not support the generally accepted PC standard (2280).

Backward compatibility

Cerny also reiterated that PS5 will offer backward compatibility with PS4. Here is an example of a past event. If you prefer backward compatibility before, the old PS2 chipset is said to have been placed on PS3 and this is an extremely expensive choice.

Therefore, Sony has included the logical differences in PS4 in the special chips of the PS5. As PS5 technology evolves in this way, the logic and functions required for PS4 and PS4 Pro games will always be available. Cerny has not explained backward compatibility for PS3 and older games.

Expandable storage

When it comes to expandable storage, Sony apparently uses the same solution as Microsoft. There will be an NVMe slot to increase the amount of available SSD storage and you can use third party drivers with your PS5. However, you need to make sure that it works with the Sony console before you buy it. However, if you're only trying to play one PS4 game on your PS5, a USB drive will run those games very easily.

In short, expandable storage is possible and you don't need Sony's own drivers to get the extra space you want. If you want to use it on PlayStation 5 anytime soon, don't buy an NVMe driver without Sony verification. We would also like to remind you that prices for high bandwidth PCIe 4.0 NVMe drivers will be relatively high.

3D sound

Mark Cerny, PlayStation 5's leading system architect, provided some details about the Tempest Engine. It will be much easier to understand where the sound is coming from in Sony's upcoming game console. As you know, players can now use different headsets and surround sound systems on consoles.

The new Tempest Engine supports hundreds of audio sources. So in a game you can perceive the sound coming from hundreds of different directions. For example, in games you can hear raindrops from different directions. You can also better see if an enemy is sneaking up on you.

PlayStation 5 PlayStation 4
CPU 3.5 GHz with 8x Zen 2 Cores @ SMT (variable frequencies) 8x Jaguar core @ 1.6 GHz
GPU 10.28 TFLOP's, 36 processing units @ 2.23 GHz (variable frequencies) 1.84 TFLOPs, 18 processing units at 800 MHz
GPU architecture Custom rDNA 2 Custom GCN
Memory / Interface 16 GB GDDR6 / 256 bits 8 GB GDDR5 / 256 bits
Band width 448 GB / s 176 GB / s
Internal storage Exclusive 825 GB SSD 500 GB hard disk
Expandable storage NVMe SSD slot Switchable internal hard disk
External storage USB HDD support USB HDD support
Optical drive 4K UHD Blu-ray Drive Blu-ray Drive

This console will go on sale in the last quarter of 2020. While there is no clear price information, the $ 450-470 range is spoken.

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